Gristle’s fate and the Citadels of Dreams

Gruff est sur Kickstarter!


Conrey speaking before the assembled Shepherds of Woe and their mutated gruffs.

I have gathered you today because we haven’t heard from Gristle and his goats since he last jumped in the Betwixt to save Brat and me.  You all know that Blabbersac has made it though, and the Trolls have been more active than ever since the some of our Grendels friends disappeared.

A good friend is missing (Source)


Today we’ve received note that a faction we’ve kept apart until now is being assaulted by a Troll named Grumblesnore.

In the Citadel of Dreams, plushy goats have evolved into weaponized Gruffs called the Stuffkin, and shepherded by Shepherds who can make the best of their dream-eating abilities. We haven’t fought them yet, and we’ve left them to take care of dreams and nightmares while we were approaching the Betwixt to prepare for the Troll’s assault!

After’s Acrid’s experiments and the birth of Thump we really thought we had an edge but we didn’t suspect that Trolls would be going after the Dreams. After receiving word through Wildthing, a Stuffkin shepherd who’s been sent to meet us, I’ve decided to send Acrid and Thump, Stovell and Twiddle, North and Gaptooth, Vim and Gusto, and finally Grimwood and Skitters, to meet with Grandmother Weaver and her goat Duchess. They’ll be representing each of the known factions in the meeting that will take place, and will have sufficient firepower to repeal Grumblesnore from there.

A new terror is approaching (Source)


We need all the factions to be represented for the ensuing vote that Wildthing has mentioned. Today, the Citadel will have to decide who they want to join with to harness the real power of their faction. What this entails, though, is beyond my current knowledge, and isn’t the object of my focus either.

A new hero is rising (Source)


What matters most to me, is to retrieve Gristle, Bubbles, Toof and Ol’ Darby from the Betwixt. We know that he was chasing after the murderous Capri when he stumbled upon Brat and myself. The ensuing battle against Blabbersac was brutal and we were in too bad a shape to help. We don’t know yet if he’s alive.

Remember that since Grover’s birth, Bubbles has lost her telepathic powers, so we can’t rely on her to provide vital information. As surprising as it is to me, Fluttermind, praised be his glorious tentacles, has agreed to enter the Betwixt and scout in search of the team.

A divine friend is helping (Source)


Today we march to search our friends and rescue them!

Today we take actions against the trolls and upgrade our weapons further!

Today we rally a new faction to our cause!

Today, the first strike against the Trolls is launched and we won’t rest until they’ve been wiped out of the surface of our world and the Betwixt has been closed or been made safe again!


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