[Spoilers intégraux] Raz against all 7 curses and all expansions, a step by step report, l’aventure complète.

Part I

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Hi folks!
On my 7th expedition to the 7th Continent I decided to go against all 7 curses at once. what’s worse, I’m going completely solo, with a custom character I’ll name after me, ie Raz.
Here, Raz is an unfortunate soul that, because of shady reasons linked to his gaming habits, is today plagued with all 7 current available curses. Now, awakening on a small island not far from the fabled Continent, Raz is burdened with having to slay monstrous beasts, satisfying a voracious goddess, giving his lifeforce to the guardian of the Continent, not to mention that heavy black box that is resting in his mysterious satchel.
There is also this pocketwatch he apparently stole from someone during his last gaming group gathering. What a fiend!

Fortunately, Raz has a few tools at his disposal. Namely:
– Nerves of Steel
– Scholar
– Gourmet
– Water Knows The Way
– Mad Scientist
Seems fitting.
During his epic adventure, Raz will maybe face the elements and fear the devourers. Who knows!
For this journey, I’ve decided to include card 777 and my very own card 888 to my satchel.
My very own card 888, which I’ve already used on my previous expedition, reads:
“If you would banish a Green card you’ve taken a hunt or fish action on as a result of that action, discard it instead.”
I really don’t like hunting in this game and I don’t want to die because of backtracking or because of a bad result. So with the rules established, let’s proceed to the first, 1 hour session.

Scribbley-do, I’m writing for you!


Raz awoke on a small island, to the smell of sulfur. Opening his eyes, he could see fumes of yellowish smoke all around him, and the sound of seagulls mocking him. Gathering his spirits, he noticed a notebook in a weird leather satchel on his hip, complete with a strange pocketwatch and a very bizarre black chest that didn’t seem to weight at much as it should. Peculiar.
After thinking for a while, Raz decided that wondering for hours wouldn’t do anything. Nor would starving. So on he went.
Looking around, Raz decided to make it west. While walking, he wondered about potential inhabitants. And their Habits. And Customs. Well. That was something to look forward to. Good, positive thinking!
Too bad that the next thing he saw was a seagull’s corpse laying close to jetsteams. Being the smart man he was, Raz approached the corpse… And got burned! Well, that did hurt a bit. But he was really curious, so he kept looking, and this time he was able to avoid the hot steamjets. But there was nothing to see there in the end. Just a old, non-edible bird corpse. Well, no time to lose.
Cautious as ever, Raz then decided to try and eat some red seaweed. But it wasn’t edible either. Yet again, it might do for a rope, maybe he could even hold materials together to craft some sweet items, with this plant?
While taking this into consideration, Raz took a walk south but there, the steamjets wouldn’t let go! Through careful planning though, Raz noticed that some went off less often than others, and managed to make it through unscathed. Quite the experienced man, should I say.
All self-confident now, Raz was walking through a small bamboo forest when he noticed a crab going by. Following it, he found that the crab was nesting on…A gearwheel? Now that was unexpected. Looking deeper into the crab’s lair, Raz found he could easily hide himself there. No time to lose though. This was not the right time.
Instead he wanted to explore the island a little more, so he looked south-east. But on the way, he thought he felt a spider walking on him. Now that wouldn’t do. Spiders at home aren’t dangerous but what kind of spider could survive all these steamjets? Upon closer inspection, focusing his brains, there appeared to have been no spider. Right? Right. Everything’s alright.
Reminiscing his scholarship, and with the knowledge he was starting to gather on the small island, Raz then gained some power. Which would happen several times while roaming around. After all, Knowledge is Power, and being a Scholar is quite strong, isn’t it?
Was being a scholar what gave Raz the idea of a bow he could make to feel more secure, and maybe hunt some game around? No one can tell with such a peculiar mind. But reflecting on a bow is not enough. Especially as it distracts your mind. While he was looking for resources, Raz did indeed almost stumble upon some weaverfish! The poison kind too! Luckily he came to just at the right moment and managed not to step on them! Phew, that was close! But all these efforts made him a little tired, and his lifeforce was draining rather fast.
Raz was north of the island now. And there was a strange totem there. Which looked a lot like the one depicted in his notebook. And a blotted corpse too. That didn’t make him feel very confident. He’d rather have a bow built before he went there. And fill his stomach. You never know. So he went back south, and crafted the bow with the help of that weed. He made some rope with it too. Better safe than sorry.
Remembering the crab’s lair, Raz laid there for a while to see if some game would happen to pass through there. And it did! Who would have thought you could hunt Stone-eating crabs with a bow? Well, you can!
No time to eat though. The totem was calling on him. And he headed back north to answer the call. Which made him think a potent weapon he used back in the day. Stones latched to a rope, something that could attach your legs together and prevent you from escaping, what was it called again? Ah right, Bolas! Bolas could help! Let’s craft some Bolas!
With Bolas and Bow in hand, rope on his back, Raz took a look at the blotted corpse he had noticed earlier. Good thing his stomach was empty, that corpse was really damaged.
But somehow, the totem spoke. Telling him about fierce monsters and hunting down fabulous game. Raz couldn’t understand. It did sound perilous. And just at that moment, a hideous octopus monster tried to grab him with an oustretched tentacle, opening and closing a monstrous beak. The totem told him Raz could never leave the Continent alive if he didn’t satisfy the totem’s bloodlust. But Raz was already close to dying. So he used his weapons. And with the help of his Lucky Star, slew the beast just as it was about to eat him.
And then the totem seemed satisfied. Knowledge was gained, Raz felt stronger. Determined.
After a short rest, he took a second look at the corpse. The waves were furiously crashing around the corpse and he had to keep his balance before he could examine it. He found a second gearwheel in the corpse’s jacket. And it became very clear suddenly that something written on the corpse’s jacket was alluded to in his notebook as well. “FT16”. He was on the right way. He was doing something right. He could tell.
With his two pieces of metal in his satchel, Raz decided it was time to explore the westmost side of the island. Which made him think of his injury. He thought it might be a good idea to go back to the bamboo forest first, craft a splint and try and heal. Which he did. Brave man that he was.
Not to lose his focus though. It was time to leave. There was only so much you could do on a small, deserted, feral island that obviously wanted you dead or out. Or both.

Heading for the rocks!


He made through some jagged rocks that splitted waves in two, luckily without splitting his leg itself though that was close, and found a submarine hanging over the water, with a very small graveyard that seemed to be offering rest to former crewmembers. Paying his respect, Raz thought he saw a ghost there for a minute, but his Scholar mind dismissed the idea fairly easily. Paying respects to the dead calmed his mind and made him feel stronger though, and with 10 curse cards in his discard pile, he was able to put 20 cards back in his deck (now that was a very thematic part.)
Being Forewarned that leaving the island would be fairly difficult if he didn’t delicately put the submarine in the water, he did his best to be careful and managed to put the gearwheels back into place and make it out of the island to the sandy shores of the 7th Continent, with a very full deck, 4 pieces of meat and approximately 10 experience cards in tow. That was a good first day, a lot of was learned by this fresh castaway, and he would truly benefit from his experiences.

Sailing away, time to save!

Part II

Cet article est à l’origine paru sur boardgamegeek.

Awakening on the sandy beach of the Continent, hearing the waves roll in the distance and the moist against his bare feet, Raz took a quick stroll on the beach to try and clear his spirits. That’s when he noticed something half buried in the sand. Which turned out to be a chest. Remembering that Forewarned is Forearmed, he managed to successfully open the chest, and while thinking about woven baskets, looted the chest for ammunition and a hunting knife. Now that’s pretty handy. He decided that the knife would pair well with the rope. I guess his mind wasn’t that clear after all. That’s probably why, with access to foliage, his woven basket ended up with his food and his new camouflage outfit was stacked with his splint. Whatever. It was time to head North!

While travelling to the now snow-covered card 054, courtesy to BGG’s promo, Raz happens to find a bamboo tube and attach it to the splint/outfit. A smart move you think? Will he get to use all his stuff? Patience, my child, patience.

For now, trying to walk out of the snow to the North, Raz experiences a moment of weakness. He’s not used to snow you see, and this is all very tiring to him. He notices a hut under some brown trees up North, but he resigns and chooses to head East instead, as he remembers there might be some hunting ground, and maybe even an old camp. How does he remember that? Well that’s a bit meta. Now, is it because he’s weak and tired? Raz almost drops an item! Luckily he manages to come to just in the nick of time and becomes vigilant enough again that he manages to remember paying attention to his belongings. So much on his mind, so much in his arms too.

Noticing a hunting spot and some Fragonia plant, though, he doesn’t stop there and pushes a bit more East, only to meet some bees! That’s lucky, Raz has a camouflage outfit, and he manages to sneak through the bees and even to score some sweet, yummy honey! Being Forewarned is pretty helpful, is it not? But there, he sees it! The old camp! Rest, at last!

Thanks to thoughtful shenaningans (namely getting back a card with Serenity which turns out to be a Remember which is turned into a Forewarned), Raz manages to rest freely, getting rid of his tiredness, and gaining access to sweet advanced skills. But not before gaining a skill card for free thanks to the Path of Repentance. Milling 7 cards to achieve that feat he also scores a Gourmet skill. Neat. The free skill is Déjà-Vu. And then he levels up, and spends 11 of his 13 XP for the Antidote, Improved Camp and Sled skills which he crams into his deck along with Déjà-Vu. Things are looking good. Let’s celebrate by gulping down some sweet honey.

Having access to wood, Raz builds a Friction Fire and sticks it to his bow before going back to the hut in the woods. Which turns out to be empty. Not letting his spirits go down, Raz manages to revive the fire that went down a moment ago. Maybe someone will come back to their hut a little later.

In the meantime he decides to get warm and cozy, to take time and study his notes, figuring out that Fragonias are able to conceal a human when he’s hunting. Now that’s some interesting progress. And he eats, too, slapping 28 cards back in the deck. What a meal! Time to move. West. To the swamps.

But not before carefully avoiding a myriad of caterpillars making their way back or out of the forest. Poor things.

Reaching the swamp and crafting a blowpipe that is sticked to the rope, he takes a look South, but all this turning around makes the terrain look vaguely familiar, and Raz almost gets lost. Through careful examination he manages to find his way back and earn 2 XP in the process, and notices something hidden in the bush at the Westmost side of this new part of the swamp. Upon closer inspection, a vicious bird starts jumping on him! The bird doesn’t last long though, and gets slaughtered by knife and bow. Following its tracks deeper in the swamp, Raz gets lost in a labyrinth of tall weeds and ends up on a small dock. Where he notices a totem. The totem! It calls to him! Must… Hunt…

Let’s dip a toe, what could go wrong?


Examining the dock in search of prey, Raz finds it a little unsteady but manages to keep his balance and makes it to the end of the dock, where he notices a rope that he pulls, only to find whiskey! Not in a jar, but in a bottle. Feeling brave he dips his toes in the water, but feels something slithering by. Upon closer inspection, and burying his head in the water, he cames face to blob with a giant jellyfish! Which he fails to fight, drawing no less than 3 curse cards, and gets heavily poisoned! Without immediate consequence, though. As you can imagine, Raz was quite disheartened (and not depressed, thank you), but the worst was yet to come.

To keep his spirits up, Raz decided to go hunting, putting his new knowledge of Fragonia in action. Hidden in the bush, he noticed a Vulture scavenging some corpse and managed to sneak by and frighten him, and to loot some meat, but not without getting bloodsoaked himself. Life in the wild, it ain’t easy. Venturing further East, he found a torn-off page stuck on a low branch of a tall pine-tree: Eubellis, it lets you be picky about what you eat, and what you get back from the discard. Not bad! There’s a tunnel too. An ominous one. With snow everywhere. Shudder to think of what’s inside! But wait, there’s a totem there too. Now he HAS to discover what’s inside! He seems to remember a torch from a while ago. Going back to the hut to craft it, he also remembers that knowledge, it is power. And that Scholar is totally OP, too. He takes a bit before exploring some more, stuffing 14 cards back in the deck. And takes a nap, putting two cards from the discard back in his hand, and spending 8 XP to get Watch Out and Geology. Feeling confident, he crafts some Bolas and attaches them to his rope, and then head back to the tunnel, which he inspects only to find some cryptic symbols.

That was quite a walk!


Not entirely satisfied he puts down the torch before venturing back in the tunnel, and hears a loud screech, which terrifies him. After several failed attempts, Raz gets a hold of himself and finally investigates the sound… And comes face to face with a huge rhino-beetle! Using his bow and knife he manages to slay the terrifying beast, but is quite exhausted!

Not willing to let his energy fall down though he heads to the hunting spot and hides in the bush, prepared to fight some game. After examining some notes and finding that Fortiflore can cure nausea, he notices a mole-rat getting by and hunts!

The result is quite disastrous though, as all his hunting gear breaks down and he doesn’t even kill the pathetic creature, end up injured and loses 4 cards, letting him on the verge of death with but 1 card in his deck. Oh my! Spending that ultimate card he makes it back to the hut and cooks himself some meat, gaining 14 cards back. Before leaving, he decides to use the last of his splint and heal his injury, leaving him with barely any belonging before saving his progress and cursing, once more, those dreaded Gold hunts!!!

A well deserved rest, but the awakening will be painful.


And that is the end of this 90 minutes session.


Part III

Cet article est paru à l’origine sur Boardgamegeek.

Spoiler: I may sound bitter due to my already hating the Bloody state and Gold Hunts prior to this game.

Another day arises and new challenges will probably follow, but for now, Raz awakens in the forest, in the small hut where no one came in during his rest. Not a very fruitful rest as Raz is still rather weak, with not many cards left in his deck, and poisoned, and Bloody too.

Today, Raz feels like he’s a Mad Scientist, and uses that to craft a Walking Stick to rely on during his adventure. He then explores South while focusing his strength to Prepare For The Worst. Maybe the Worst didn’t just happen last time. He notices that the snow didn’t recede South, and that promo 054 is still active. Why oh why did I purchase this? Listening to the lovely sound of his boots crunching in the snow he then explores East, in the direction of the abandoned camp and the hunting spot, where he gets attacked by a Vicious Bird, which no doubt is trying to avenge its dead sibling. Tough luck, it gets slaughtered too, as Raz gains 1 Food and 1 Remember. Remembering the Bolas and crafting them, Raz reaches the hunting ground and spends the Bolas to gain 7 stars, draw 4 cards and gain.. A White Hare. Meh.

He’s wishing to explore East some more but the path is obstructed by a Spiky Hystrix, so it’s back to the hut as the equipment at Raz’s disposal wouldn’t let him dispose of the insect.

And there is an old man back in the hut. He seems sympathetic and willing to talk, but also he seems to want something in return. Raz has an idea. Remembering a Camouflage Outfit, he travels back to the hunting spot, crafts it, goes back to the hut, gifts it, and gains some weird knowledge in return about a rock-devouring monster with giant teeth living somewhere in the snow. Not sure it was worth it (hint : I totally know it is). Raz eats back 14 cards meditating on his newfound knowledge. But it’s time to move on. And East it is, where Raz finds and eats some Ripe Fruit, not without getting nauseated. Where’s fortiflore when you need it!

Poopitty-poop I’m not feeling so good.


East is a mount surrounded by a shallow cover of snow, where Raz notices a hidden spot. A small opening in which he buries his hand, but something bites and he gets poisoned, luckily without consequence. Reaching again he finds an Elixir and then a Fat Grub, that he sticks both to his walking stick. It seems the mound is empty now, so Raz decides to go North.

Well at least he intends to go North, but he doesn’t feel confident about doing so actually, as it looks rather… Threatening to him. So instead he goes East again, and once more almost drops an item. Almost, though. This time again he’s vigilant enough not to and instead remembers a blowpipe.

The snow’s thick East. Raz notices a burning bush North but no godly voice to tell him what to do though. Apparently that’s only in the scriptures. Meh. It seems he even gets lost when looking East, but I cheat the game as I remember the result of this card from last session and grab 2 XP. There is a tree East but it looks threatening too. Besides, the path is obscured by rocks. Doesn’t sound like a good way to make progress. So North it is and forget the burning bush, Raz isn’t gonna put that off. To hell with voiceless burning bushes! North is a massive cliff, but most importantly, a hunting spot! And a grave, too, to which Raz decides to pray.

I ain’t scared of no ghost!


While meditating it seems he disturbs a spirit that is not kin on that but thanks to the power of the discard pile, the spirit finally whiffs into nothingness, which gives Raz some Bolas back. Never a bad thing, that. Time to hunt some game! Raz manages to draw 4 cards, scaring a goat with all the blood he’s soaked in, and coming back with a mere White Hare again. Ugh. We’re none too happy with that are we? Nope, we would have liked some bear better.

Before leaving the area, Raz triggers Knowledge Is Power for free thanks to the overpowered Scholar and nets 4 XP since it triggers Prepare For the Worst. Yay combos! It’s time to check that threat, which is now West. Turns out that for all the self-bracing, the threat was in fact absolutely nothing. What  truly is something, though, is the idol that stands over the snow! Truly a sight to behold. Getting there, Raz takes some time to meditate. But feels a strange and frightening presence while doing so. Which turns out to be nothing in the end. It did feel very weird though.

He crafts a shovel  he pairs with his Bolas, before going back to hunt under the cliff. He draws 3 cards to that, only to snake out – since he doesn’t feel ready to take on the Totemed Fresh Spot – and gets poisoned some more. He hunts again and fails, then hunts again, drawing 2 cards from his deck and…. 1 card from the discard which turns out to be a Curse. First ever card drawn and it’s a Curse. Love it. And that’s how Raz lost his 777 relic card.

35 hours later, Bloody and Gold Hunts still ruin this game for me.


With that out of the way, the hunt is a failure again, but Raz decides to discard a Valiant Hearts from his hand, getting tired and losing 5 more cards to it in the process. That gives him 3 250 cards, and he scores yet another White Hare. Wow. Today’s a bad day for Raz indeed.

Raz then sacs a Fat Grub to craft an antidote he pairs with the Woven Basket, then decides it’s time to fight the Hystrix. But being 1 star short of killing it he has to discard Bolas/Shovel to not get poisoned more. Sad face.

Thinking it’s time to end such a miserable day, Raz goes to the abandoned camp, crafts a Friction Fire and rests to level up, in which all advanced skills cost -2 XP. Well Raz is glad he didn’t waste that on refreshing hunting grounds at least! He decides to spend 12 XP to get Tracker, Resourceful and Poisoned Weapon, stuffing them into the deck. Before losing it to yet another slap in the face – since he spent the Fat Grub 10 seconds ago – Raz decides to drink the Elixir, which makes him Vigorous, and calls it a day.

And that was a terrible 60 minutes session.

It ain’t so big but it takes much too long.


Progress made so far:
– 1 step towards the Voracious Goddess
– 1 step towards the Offering to the Guardians
– 2 steps towards the Bloody Hunt
– Quite some levelling up
– 1 777 card lost
– 1 very frustrated player that doesn’t believe he’ll make it very far.


Part IV

Cet article est paru à l’origine sur le site Boardgamegeek.

After a two days break, Raz awakens once again on the 7th Continent and realizes that he doesn’t know where exactly because he forgot to save the terrain card. Gathering his wits he remembers that he saved on the abandoned camp, which totally wasn’t smart, and puzzles it out thanks to a good memory of the card numbers. Well, what a woolhead. Anyway.

After coming to, Raz plans his next moves, which totally revolve around meat. Razoupaf may be a vegetarian, but Raz can’t afford that luxury, and he needs to hunt, and fast. He might have some meat left in his woven basket but that will only sustain him for so long. So he decides to move West, where Fragonia can help him hunt.

The mood was good until Raz realized that what was laying in the grass was none other than the body of his former companion and possibly love interest Susan. How did she get there was beyond him but what was not was that she needed a decent grave, which he carefully and lovingly dug for her. Somehow, it felt to him like Déjà-Vu, burying a former lover like that. Don’t ask. I beg of you, don’t ask.

After this gruesome task Raz remembers and crafts a walking stick before looking North where he notices a swarm of friendly-looking leaf insects. As they’re not skulled, he deems it safe to take some of them on his arm and they seem to enjoy the fact that he’s still soaked in dry blood. Maybe he’s not gonna take a bath after all, that tickling is pleasing.

There is still a lot of snow up North, and Raz doesn’t want to feel the cold so he heads East, remembering and crafting some Bolas along the way, then hunts thanks to said Bolas so he can draw 3 150 cards (remember, I’m using a variant where green hunt cards are discarded, not banished). Not feeling confident he can conceal himself well enough to get the boar, Raz scores another White Hare.

Having satisfied his primeval instincts, Raz decides it’s time to move East, thinking he would reach the rocky region through the swamps since he really doesn’t like the jungle and there’s something he wants in a well over there, and also he could pay hommage to a Goddess, try and speak german, reach a necropolis, ring a bell, and that kind of fancy stuff. He’s quite knowledgeable for a castaway you see. But lo and behold, two juvenile rockworms chose that moment to furrow out of the ground. Since Raz can’t fight them he goes back North-East instead, through snow that’s still thick.

Honey, guess what’s for diner! Explorer?


But this time the obstruction to where he wants to go is a wall of thorns, to the West, blocking the way to the mount where poison lies, so Raz decides to fail making a fire and gets the idea of a rope, and looks North, where he once more feels threatened, the poor guy. Once more though, it’s all in his head, along with the idea of a bow to defend himself that just pops up at that time. Crafting the bow, he pairs it with the walking stick then heads North to craft some woven cord before looking east, where the very paranoid Raz thinks some spider is running along his arm. Which sorry but it definitely is not happening. What is though is that he gulps down some antidote to rid himself of poison. What is happening too is some meditation before the still impressive idol that rests in the snow, and during this meditation, it feels to Raz that he hears some whispering voice telling him he’s been chosen for some dreadful task.



Feeling cold because of both the prospect and this task, and the snow, Raz decides it’s a good time to build a fire and gobble down some meat and replenish 28 cards! And also burn the wall of thorns. He then heads back under the cliff, East, to craft a deadfall trap and hunt. The insects allow him to draw 4 150 cards, in which he scares yet another white hare, lets a goat alone because these can be nasty, and sneaks by a vulture.

Now that the snowy mount is accessible Raz heads back there before looking West where he finds some bamboo tube laying around and grabs it to craft a shovel with, then keeps on going West where he would have gotten lost if I didn’t once again remember the number of differences and cheated the game once more, gaining 2 free XP. That’s when Raz made it in the swamps again.

Your old tricks don’t scare me, forest!


What would the awkward man do but run headfirst in a mud-dwelling moray I ask you? Well, nothing. But he’s still sneaky enough that the thing doesn’t notice him, so he makes it West but as he goes North, things go from bad to worse. Luckily enough, none of the aggravations concern him and he breezes through the swamp to some toxic place where dead horses lie, grabbing some spoiled meat because hey, he’s already nauseated, so what could go wrong? He then uses his shovel to dig a whole in the poisoned forest and… Gets poisoned again. Darn! His vigilance is discarded and so is the almighty Scholar! That’s a loss!

While heading further North he notices some swampfolk but not being able to meet their requirements he decides to ignore them. North is a really disturbing mass animal grave and West is nothing but a quagmire, so Raz heads back to the hut to think, remembering his scholarship in the process. The old man is still there and watches Raz grabbing his head to think. Which infuriates Raz. Who kills the old troll ER I mean man. Shock, horror, and shame! Inspecting the still warm corpse, Raz finds a clue to one curse. Wow. He takes some time to think and study his notes, realizing that Vampoline can really soothe your mind, then goes back to the idol to eat 28 cards back, then goes back under the cliff to gold hunt, drawing 4 250 cards. Incredibly useful, the insects, which helped him hunt, also help him sneak by a Boar he slaughters, losing a few cards to blood. He remembers panpipes to sooth his mind, crafts them then tries his luck through the pile of dead animals.

Close call but he succeeds thanks to Scholar, Mad Scientist and Panpipes, and finally reaches the rocky area and the well, where he lays camp and calls it a day.

Let’s get high.


Whew, epic 60 minutes session!


Part V

Cet article a été publié à l’origine sur le site Boardgamegeek.

Invigorated by his stream of successes from last session, Raz wakes up near the well he’s worked so hard to reach, but since he doesn’t have a rope yet, decides to look North before doing anything. He notices a caterpillar struggling its way through the weeds and reflects upon his own stranded situation, gaining 1 XP since only 1 terrain card is revealed at this time. That’s when he notices the troglodyte village that has been carved in the mountains up North. Truly a sight to behold! And that’s where he’s headed next.

Reaching the village, Raz takes some time to marvel at the architecture and notices an adult rockworm up North, where he decides not to go since he cannot fight it or sneak by it. He’s quite panicked until he notices an opening large enough for him to go through on the West side of the village. There is some sun shining through that opening but the wind is strong and a hole in the ground lets him see deeper. Something seems to be glowing. Raz feels quite serene bathing in the sunlight.

Heading West again, Raz feels someone is coming and wonders why as this is supposed to be in another area, not in the mountains. Nevermind, the ever useful insects let him escape his potential assaillant without a sweat.

A Goddess, a troglodyte village, a rockworm… Truly a dangerous but beautiful place.


And there he finds it, the Goddess! An impressive sight for sure! But he doesn’t feel ready to confront her just yet. Instead he looks up North where a hollow trunk is standing in the way. But he doesn’t feel confident about checking it out. He’s heard stories. Spooky stories. Halloween’s not that far after all. Plus he’s bloody and he’s heard it said that sometimes, branches and bloody don’t mix well together.

So Raz moves back to the village (hey ain’t that an Iron Maiden song?) to think, and thinks of a rope. Which is exactly what he was after! So he goes back to the well to craft the item and climb down, finding a Sculpted Flower before he climbs back out. Great. That step is done.

Back in the village (damn, that riff!), Raz looks around and notices an opening to one of the houses. There he gets barked at a lot, but manages to tame a white and brown mastiff by… Speaking german to it? Somehow? Wow, that’s meta. Raz figures out what the German text says approximately, helped by the fact that basically all companions play the same way. Mh. Much too meta for me. Moving on. With dog in tow, Raz searches the house like a thief and finds a strange cage from which a hissing sound comes.

Scared, Raz decides to crush the cage as he’s heard that these could hold dangerous scorpions. This time it was a slug though, and crushing it was a bad move, which makes Raz totally lose it and discard all the skill cards from his hand. Devastating!

After coming to, Raz goes back to the tree that he leaves alone and North to discover wicker baskets leading to a whole high in the rocks, as well as a hunting spot next to a sharp cliff he doesn’t even want to look at. There’s also Fragonia there. The wicker baskets look like they could lead somewhere interesting. But first it’s time to play music to gain Knowledge, and 1 XP.

I take it it’s a no then?


Having heard of a fabulous bell and of a decrepit idol, Raz figures it would be a good time to use the wicker baskets and clean the board to also remove the rockworm. After several failed attempts he manages to get in one, but all the meat he’s carrying makes him too heavy for the basket, which falls, injuring Raz and destroying the vast majority of his equipments! The dog also scampers away, that good-for-nothing mutt that never have found any use up to now across 7 games! What’s worse is that in order to move the basket Raz used Valiant hearts, and is also tired which made him lose Vigorous (which he never used either) a second ago. Misery loves company they say.

Perplex, lost, not knowing what to do, and with a very empty action deck, Raz decides to visit the Goddess mostly to craft a Friction Fire and fail igniting it despite drawing 2 cards, then to Study the notes and gain knowledge with the help of Vampoline. He discovers that Fragonia also makes looking around and deciphering much easier. But he’s still on the verge of death, and he’s gotta eat 12 cards and go back to the hunting spot to try and replenish his woven basket…

Hunting a single card he must discard it because of Bloody, and is quite desperate. Building a Woven cord, he makes it to the camp, crafts a blowpipe and takes a rest. The XP he wanted to save for the Guardians has to go into levelling up or the action deck will be depleted. Gaining a Think and 1 XP thanks to the Path, he spends 9 XP for Pickaxe, Colored Smoke and Protective Cover which he crams in the Action deck, then thinks of remember and grabs back some Bolas.

Going back to hunting he messes up the rules a bit but remembers about Fragonia and rewinds into catching a Boar by drawing not 1 but 2 cards but gets Bloody and Tired, with no consequence. Building a fire with the last 2 cards of the Action Deck, he then eats 24 cards back, before going through all the cards in the game in order to verify whether or not a Bear is supposed to be in cards 250. Apparently it isn’t.

Fed up with hunts and nervewrecked at having almost touched death, I end this 50 minutes session quite stressed and try and go to sleep, shaking.

The mountains, they are dangerous.


Not much progress was made in this session. Except maybe towards Death?

Part VI

Cet article est paru à l’origine sur le site Boardgamegeek.

Raz wakes up after a rough night, on the mountains near the wicker baskets. First thing he does is hunt 3 150 cards, and sneak by a vulture, much too occupied with its prize to realize it’s about to be stolen. It’s lucky he doesn’t lose any card to Bloody, too. Looking East, hoping to reach the necropolis, he notices – how could he not – a giant rockworm where yesterday, an adult one was roaming. Tough luck. So he scouts South and notices a shelter where he could rest. But since he doesn’t have enough experience to make it valuable he decides to ignore the shelter and to take a look at the wicker baskets.

It’s peace for the dead. For now.


That’s when he notices something hidden – the funny thing being that I totally noticed that hidden number the first time I reached that place – and hops on board to a small cave adorned with yet another massive idol. But this one is not in a very good condition.

For whom the bell tolls.


He sees a massive bell there too, takes a look at it, ponders for half a second and rings it full force. Bright idea. He becomes deaf as the world around him crumbles and his memory of the places he’s seen on that day are shattered. He also loses 7 cards to being tired.

Coming to he sees that the place is now a wreck, and notices an opening North where there weren’t any a moment earlier. But he needs to eat first, so he builds a fire and eats, mixing his food with some Eubellis to score some sweet and powerful skill cards back into the deck. 18 of them to be precise. Of which he spends 1, to heal his damaged ear.

Fed, Raz takes a quick look at the cave, at which point he really becomes determined to survive! There seems to be an impressive tunnel system built deep into the mountain, and something buried not too far from him, but he’s wary of going now and starving, so he heads back to the baskets and figures it might be time to repent on his past sins. Not something he’ll be able to do just now, but he’ll give it a thought. Later.

For now, he’s back on the ground, the hunting ground. Where he hunts. For 3 cards. Watching out a mole rat he sneaks by yet another vulture and, satisfied with the results, looks West. No worm this time, but a strange tune coming into his head. Interesting but he won’t have that just now! So instead he crafts a walking stick and finally thinks back about his Gourmet habits. Just about time.

It has taken him quite a while but there he is, reaching the necropolis and deciphering the runes thanks to the clue he found back at the rhino-beetle’s cave! He discovers a minor relic that looks like it might be what the swampfolks were after somehow – he’s good at reading people.

In need of some fiery comfort Raz heads back to the tunnels through the baskets and heals his injury thanks to Improved camp, then makes it deeper in the tunnels, where he finds a metal piece on the floor while scouting. But he still doesn’t feel confident enough to really go deep. Expanding is fine and all but he’s never heard of that place, never ever, and he wouldn’t want his adventure to tragically end in a mad swamp he was not prepared to face. Too many curses are still weighing on him yet. So he curses and goes back.

He finds it safer to eat 21 cards chosen with Eubellis, then to take the baskets down again and to go back to village. But travelling along the gully is mighty tiring. He eventually makes it to the village and back into the house where he met the mutt the day before. He finds yet another cage but this time feels confident about crushing it, and some good it does since this time it was indeed a nasty scorpion. Not what he was hoping for but better than nothing. After all, who’s heard of teleportation for a quick curse solving, eh? Well, I may have won last game that way but whatever 

At this point he finds it useful to examine his notes and figures out the first part of a frieze that might be depicting the History of the Continent. How exciting! But it’s time to leave the mountains where there isn’t much left for him to find. So Raz heads North after thinking back about his scholarship. Joy! He crafts a bow, too. North, he gets confused and takes a wrong path, getting lost again and missing 1 small difference. Er. He eventually finds his way back and decides to pray on the grave that lies close to a decrepit bridge, dismissing the ridiculous idea of ghosts and getting 3 cards back in his deck.

He then looks North some more and somehow, feels like he’s tracked by rockworms! Lucky for him they’re all underground still, and he feels quite serene. Walking he marvels at a strange opening in the mountain, shaped like a gigantic mouth, and gets closer to take a look. But he doesn’t feel like climbing, and after crafting a rudimentary flint, he looks North where he finds another shelter that he still doesn’t want to use.

The wind North is impressively strong, and he remembers to learn by doing and that to err is only human after all. Which somehow makes going through the windy canyon easier.

As he walks back in the light after this ordeal he finally sees the fall the torrential water sounds came from. But he then gets jumped at by a horned bear! Now that is scary! I mean, that the bear has horns! What, was it not enough of a killing machine with its sharp claws and ironstrong jaw? What’s Nature thinking about sometimes, I’m asking you??? But it ain’t time to think about evolution and he fires hi bolas at the beast and slays it, before skinning it for its meat.

I kill you, and I kill you dead!


With all the blood that’s on him it’s a wonder he can still feel the breeze. Too bad he’s too dumb to use the plethora of water that’s around him to wash his dirty self but with 11 curse cards in your deck sometimes your head gets a bit fuzzy.

Raz uses scholar and nerves of steel to forget that he’s tired and looks East, noticing a loose sheet floating around in the wind and grabs it. It tells a strange story about a character named Zogar the Dreadful which totally makes Raz dizzy and sleepy – looks like he’s bound to spend cards to remove states that will be removed by themselves half a second later – and he spends 3 XP to get a Javelin in his deck and a Balance in his hand thanks to the reduction on Skill keywords. Handy!

Have curse, will travel.


Looks like Raz is too sound asleep to go on, let’s save and end this 70 minutes session.

Part VII

Cet article est paru à l’origine sur le site Boardgamegeek.

Well it looks like Raz fell asleep without making the necessary preparations, and now he’s cold and hungry. So he starts his new day by building a fire and eating a solid breakfast of 35 cards, remembers a Bolas, and fishes, sacrificing his bow in the process but drawing 4 200 cards, out of which he picks a golden fish. Not too shabby.

Looking East, he’s Lost! Not lost, mind you, but Lost! And he gets tired, finding his way back. Well, what’s the use of a good night’s rest, he wonders, when you can get tired 2 seconds after, eh? Nevermind, his jaw drops as he sees jagged rocks atop the sand that look like galleries furrowed by rockworms. And he’s scared. Oh boy, is he scared, to find rockworms in his path. But there are none. So he takes his time and crafts both Bolas and Deadfall trap. In case they show up anyway. So he is prepare to greet them as deserved.

I don’t even want to know what’s beneath. Well, actually I do but it’s gonna be quite random to get there.


Then he looks east and travels along a gully, getting more tired and losing 5 cards, before reaching another jawdropping sight in the form of what looks like an enormous maw made of ice, with teeth going up and down. Is it the cold, or the fear, that makes Raz shiver? It reminds him of the late old man’s words though, this maw. Before leaving, he takes a look North and music fills his head again, then South where he feels he’s tracked by worms by once again there’s nothing to fear. This lets him think about a friction fire, craft a shovel, and head back to the fire to craft the friction fire and eat 18 cards back before reaching the gaping maw and by math’s magic figure out the secret.

I’ll admit, it was a bit of a brainburner.


But he doesn’t want to get frozen, and he looks East instead… And falls head down into a crevasse! It takes determination and forewarn but he makes it out, and takes time to figure knowledge out of this shortcoming. He’s a positive guy and there’s good to take from just about anything, ain’t there? But he’s cold too. And tired.

He reaches the entrance of a frozen tunnel which seems to lead into the glacier surrounding him, and digs – without his shovel since he wants to keep the fire that’s attached to it – before putting foot into a very cold and dark tunnel. He feels determined to find every secret as he looks North, and powerful vibrations prevent him from moving further. Quite dismayed he looks around and notices a wheel encased in the ice.

He remembers to be forewarned and is determined to move the thing, turning it on it’s bat snake side. Which allows him to slither up to an ice geyser in the middle of the room behind the vibrations, which he melts thanks to his friction fire, only to discover a Sparkling Gem. The gem sounds ominous and a chill tells him that this is a major item in lifting one of his curses. But for now, he crafts a Rudimentary flint with a stone that’s laying around, and leaves the tunnel at the cost of a very depleted deck.

One minor step for the Continent, one major step for Raz!


Back out and under the glacier, our hero notices a path leading to a forest, South, but also an Empty can littering the ground. Some people have no respect for nature. He’s guessing that person has since succumbed to the Continent. At the price of a huge effort he makes it through the snow and into the forest, which is really a jungle – so close to a glacier? What’s wrong with that place? – and takes some time to examine his notes, finding out that Terrocokuses are poisonous plants. Mellow!

Testing his newfound knowledge he remembers and crafts a Poisonous weapon and slaps it to the very crowded Bolas before scouting South where he avoids a pit trap at the cost of both Scholar and Tracker. That’s painful. So he soothes his spirits by crafting a walking stick with a nearby branch, and looks West. And notices scavengers circling around the body of Michael, a former lov… I mean friend! Eh stop looking at me like that, I said FRIEND!

Anway… Stop glaring I said! On this body is another part of the frieze depicting the History of the Continent, which frightens Raz no end. Using his empty can he digs a grave for Michael and gets immensely rewarded by his own mind.

This grim task done, he heads West at last and finds a pool of water, deciding to hunt on the dreaded card 177, which claimed many an explorer in this house before. He remembers and crafts a blowpipe, gathers his courage and get shamelessly drunk just for the hell of it, emptying his whiskey bottle and losing both frightened and tired. Wooh, what a ride!

He draws 4 150 cards thanks to the insects he’s still carrying, scares a rabbit and finds the courage to confront a horned bear, which he barely kills with Bolas and poisoned weapon – truly a thing of beauty. But he loses 5 cards to too much blood all around himself. He’s too drunk to care. Or to clean his dirty self – I mean, it’s a pond of, like, water, after all! – but he still remembers his scholarship and triggers some knowledge to find the power to decide to wait until the next day to build a fire, trigger an offering to guardians, or eat.



And he collapses to the ground and snores like a beast at the end of this 60 minutes session.


Cet article est paru à l’origine sur le site Boardgamegeek.

Raz wakes up by the pond in the jungle, and to his dismay, he’s still drunk as a skunk. And really, when you shamelessly drink like that, you should be. First thing he does is eat a solid breakast after building a fire, getting 35 cards + 1 he forgot from the whiskey the day before, then looks South, just a heavy rain starts pouring down over the canopy, extinguishing the fire he took so much pain to start. Well, not time to get annoyed, he has to find a shelter, which he does.

It’s breakfast time!


Having 10 XP he decides it’s time to make an offering to the hissing voices he hears in his head. And he’s so shaken by what they tell him then than he loses his walking stick along the way. I must say, hearing humanoid snakes hissing in your ear when there is nothing around you is quite frightening.

With the hissing still resonating in his skull, Raz learns to walk by doing and takes a glance West when, now that the pour has let go, a ghostly fogs rises, and through the thick smoky weather, Raz notices the broken remains of a camp.

Oh hi weather, you finally decided to join the party?


Quite afraid he might stumble upon something murderous, Raz decides to talk a look South first and once again is on the verge of falling in a pit trap, but he’s vigilant and loses scholar again, to avoid the trap. Looking east, he scratches himself on a thorn and, since he reveals a curse, gets poisoned and loses 5 cards. East, there are huge carnivorous plants. Getting closer he gets an almighty remember back in hand. But he doesn’t feel like fighting the plant and scouts North instead, to stumble upon some ripe fruits, which he immediately swallows to gain 6 cards back. Looking South, the way’s blocked by a thorny bush.

A bit lost and still too drunk to think, Raz makes it back to the pond and remembers Scholar as he’s got two knowledge in hand. He hunts for 3 cards, scares a white hare and settles for a boar that he easily sneaks by thanks to the fog. Getting bloody some more he still doesn’t care to wash himself and instead scholars his knowledge into 3 XP just because, before going to the camp, resourceful as he is. With the help of resources from nearby terrain cards and his metal piece he repairs the camp with a discount of 6 cards, and sleeps on his drunkenness, finally getting sober again. Which somehow repairs his blowpipe. Go figure. I guess he was drunk for a bit longer and lost track of what he did? At any rate, he also spends 6 XP to get Bird Call and Second Chance into his deck.

Waking up after a sound sleep, Raz leaves the foggy camp for the cliff but gets lost in the white blanket of floating water. Eventually making it where he wanted to, he cuts a terrocrokus to craft an antidote he puts in his woven basket, then goes to the pond again to craft panpipes with which he intends to lull the carnivorous plants. Moving back there he manages to soothe the beas… The plant, which opens wide, revealing a double-barrel shotgun. If music soothes even the savage beast, I wonder what that thing does.

Which of the two makes the most melodious sound?


What’s he to do now though? He moves North among noisy animals and apparently, as he scouts East, it’s time to take a break. So he does, which lets him drink his antidote and finally get rid of the poison that’s killing him, and swap cards between his action deck and his discard pile. He then remembers a fire-making kit, crafts it and moves back to the pond where he decides it’d once again be wiser to save before building a fire.

You know what? I’m still alive and kicking! And that in itself is a feat!


Somehow, he desperately wants to find a stool to sit on.

And that concludes this 50 minutes session, where some progress has been made toward the offering and possibly the black chest. Raz has gotten stronger again and improved his surroundings but he’s still got a long way to go before he dims it safe to enter the much dreaded dungeon.

Progress made so far:
– 1 Sparkling Gem was found.
– 1 Offering has been made to the guardians.
– 1 Sanctuary secret has been found.
– The bell has been rung.
– 2 monsters have been slain, 1 has escaped but can be found again.
– 7 botanical secrets have been figured.
– 2 pieces of the frieze depicting the History of the Continent have been found.
– 1 necropolis has been looted.
– 1 fetish has saved our hero.
– 1 side-quest has been accomplished.
– 1 old man has been slain.
– 1 camp has been repaired.
– 1 german dog has been scared and lost.
– 14 advanced skills have been purchased.
– 6 ticks of the pocketwatch.

Part IX

Cet article est paru à l’origine sur le site Boardgamegeek.

Another day begins by the pool in the jungle, and after scratching his private parts like the savage man he’s becoming after 9 days on the Continent, Raz builds a fire and eats a solid 28 cards breakfast.

What’s a good day without a morning hunt? It ain’t nothing. So he goes hunting with his blowpipe and draws 4 150 cards – I totally love my variant of not banishing green hunting grounds by the way, the game would probably be unplayable at this point without that rule – only to find a… Goat? Said goat seems to be following Raz too, and he doesn’t feel like slaying such an adorable mammal. So he puts the creature on a leash. He has an idea where to lead the animal. So he looks South, where bloody remains are laying around. They would make good bait for a hunt, but he doesn’t want to lose the goat on some stupid hunting. So he grabs a piece of meat and just moves on. Sure, only bears can gulp down goats, but anyway. No need to take useless risks at that point.

Crafting a bow while there are twigs scattered around, Raz then looks East, only to receive a scratch from a thorn, which gets him paranoid with a 3 cards loss. It’s the goat. It’s got to be the goat. Look at that toothy grin. And it’s laughing too. Damn goat! Makes you wonder why he’s trying to save the animal, really. Ha! Soon, he calms down and his mind is soothed as he reaches the camp and parks the goat in a nearby field, to enjoy some yummy-yummy grass. He feels like a good samaritan and gains a ton of XP as a reward. Yes! Another side-quest goes down. Since Raz took a rest action he evens get the opportunity of removing a Curse card from his discard pile. That’s a huge relief, but the pocketwatch is still ticking and he’s afraid of what’s coming at the end. He’s never seen it yet but he has a good idea of what it could be and he would hate to get that Curse card back. Moving on.

I guess it won’t let me ride on its back then.


It’s time to examine the notes some more while he’s in the comfort of his camp with the goat grazing around. And he founds that Fortiflore are useful to start a fire too. Actually they burn pretty well apparently. Looking around he even notices one on his very terrain card, so he builds a fire for free thanks to the camp’s reduction and finally heals his nauseated state. He then crafts a Bolas and goes back to the pond to hunt again. He’s no explorer, he’s a killing machine now!

Gold hunting with Tracker and a Fragonia, he gets two cards but ends up with a Fresh Spot he still doesn’t feel confident about, and hunts again and scares a porcupine due to the strong blood smell he emits, only to get bitten by a snake since he doesn’t want to waste a Bolas to it, which makes him lose 2 cards. Not willing to die a stupid death he rests in order to refresh the spot, gaining 3 cards back in the action deck but losing anothe pocketwatch tick, then hunts again for 4 150 cards. That’s when he notices a Boar roaming around. The insects once again prove invaluable as they let him catch the animal and lose nothing to Bloody: he is saved!

He gains 1 XP with the knowledge he gained, then stops and eats 35 cards before looking East and finding ripe fruits he grabs and puts in his woven basket. Hunting some more for 2 cards, he shuffles a snake back thanks to Watch out! and catches a White hare. He does some shenanigans by going back to the camp to reduce the cost of moving before going back in the jungle and looking South to tall stone columns overlooking a steep cliff as he discards a pretty useless shortcut, before looking East where an ominous wall of thorns blocks the way to the entrance of a tunnel, so he uses force and his bare hands to remove the plant since he really, really wants to explore the underground of the Continent! And he finally reaches the temple entrance.

On the door to the temple is a place where, lo and behold, the sculpted flower from his inventory is a perfect fit. Who’d have guessed? And the door opens without any effort as he takes the flower back. And dives into the underground. Which smells of death.

The door closes behind Raz with a heavy and ominous sound.

He notices a fish head sculpted in the wall with a chain that begs “pull me” but doesn’t want to and instead scouts North. A feline is chewing on a dead rodents while caterpillars seem to want a piece of it too. And Raz could get use from the meat as well. So he tries and fight the cat but fails. Still, the animal flees and Raz decides to let the caterpillars have the rodent to themselves. Such a generous man, and no old-men killer at all whistle.

Moving up he notices phosphorescent mushrooms but he’s no mycologist and he’d rather not touch the fungi. Instead he looks West and abandons his quest for repentance as he realizes he’s got green thumbs, which he auto-succeeds for 3 new XP and advanced skill cards cost redution! One more side-quest fulfilled!

West is a massive porticullis that won’t move without a rope, which he ain’t got, so he looks North, only to find a juvenile rockworm living in what looks like catacombs. He doesn’t think what he’s looking for is North though, and what he’s really after, is a rope, which is not into his discard pile, unfortunately. So he needs to exhaust his deck a bit. That’s why he goes back the to the room with the mushrooms and scouts East, when suddenly he feels someone coming in the tunnels! But before he has time to investigate, the footsteps fade away, and he’s left with only his paranoid self. But no paranoid state.

East are many metal cages and a table which seems to indicate that it was maybe a good idea not to pull the fishy chain. Rummaging through the cages he finds a tribal stool! Aha! No need to go back to the troglodyte village just yet it seems!

Satisfied with his new furniture and carrying it around with him, which somehow is a true wonder, he looks North and feels tremors. While wishing it’s not a gigantic rockworm he falls on his back and gets injured, and his items get slightly damaged. Mh. At least he gets the rope idea back in his mind. So there’s good in adversity.

This rope feels like Déjà-Vu as he crafts it for less than it should cost, and he moves back to the porticullis which he opens thanks to his new item and the ever broken Scholar.

Behind is a labyrinth with an ominous totem but Raz haven’t got time for that. This place is oppressive and he hasn’t got a lot of food to spare yet. So he tries not to get lost and doesn’t, and finds his way to a dim-lit room where he remembers Tracker so he can get across for free. There, he breaks a pot and finds poison, finds a place to rest, and finds several items in a heavily ransacked end of the room.

First, a sanctuary secret sheet, which he adds to the one he had already. Now that’s a good progress! Then he finds a broken amulet, which he takes a while to think about and piece together, even drawing it among his session notes. But apparently he doesn’t piece it well enough and decides to give up and throw it away? What the heck is that? Am I no longer in control of my character here? Well, talk about cheap!



He finally finds a mysterious seed, and now he has to make up his mind about planting it on a cliff or near a giant rocky mouth. Funny, that reminds him of feather clues he knows about but haven’t seen yet. It’ll probably be the cliff. He’s heard there’s good luck near the cliff, at the very Eastern end of the Continent. But now is not the time for that.  He hasn’t found what he was looking for in this part of the temple.

Well, come to think of it, he has never found it yet.

He crafts a fire-making kit while he can still access wood, remembers a Tracker and makes it through the dim-lit room again, then decides to vent on the worm and moves North to the catacombs to destroy it. Taking it’s meat, he manages to sneak before older rockworms exert revenge, then scholars 3 XP, builds a fire among the remains of dead Continent inhabitants (ie: bones) and eats 27 cards. But somehow, all these skeletons make eating uncomfortable, and he gets nauseated.

Inspecting the bones in an attempt to maybe throw up? he notices a panel that he removes thanks to his rope and his valiant heart, but he gets mighty tired too and loses 5 cards. He finds a pretty necklace he adds to the stool and triggers another side quest: he’s studied the Habits and customs of the Continent’s denizen, netting 3 more XP and some more advanced skill reduction.

Afraid of death and with a yawning girlfriend on the couch, Raz decides it’s time to leave the temple before it collapses on him as a result of both the tremors and the rockworms, makes it to the entrance, now the exit, with a rather full deck, scholars 3 knowledge is power for 6 XP, and saves with 21 XP in tow after a roughly 90-100 minutes session.

This place is death.


Progress was made, but not where intended.

Part X

Cet article est paru à l’origine sur le site Boardgamegeek.

After getting out of the dreadful temple and collapsing near the exit, Raz awakens hours later, his mind dazed and his stomach grumbling. No breakfast and no hunt this time, as he looks East and a heavy rain pours. He tries to find shelter but draws 2 curse cards and trips over himself, getting soaked. The good thing is, he’s not bloody anymore at last!!! But he’s freezing, and now he has to keep Injured if he doesn’t want the leaf insects to leave him. Leaves leaves. Yeah. Ahum. Moving on.

Soaking wet, Raz reaches the stone pillarS that loom over the sharp cliff leading to the pine-tree forest and looks North, where, to his dismay, 2 juvenile rockworms roam, nibbling on palmtrees. He’s not prepared for that kind of stunt and he really wants to make it to the camp, so he heads back to the tunnel, uses the sculptured flower, and makes it out again, only to find everything gone! Wooh.

So he makes it back again to the stone pillars where he gets scratched, reveals a curse, and loses 6 cards. What a horrible night to have a curse!* He calms his nerved by savagely crafting a rope with a nearby vine and, while going North, stumbles upon somme bees, but he’s not prepared for them so instead he heads back to the temple but goes North there rather than in, where monkeys start peskering him like furry bullies. Being a savage and furry beast himself though he manages to tame the monkeys and earn XP and passage to the carnivorous plants, where he notices a threat while scouting further North. But thanks to Tracker and Forewarned, he doesn’t trigger the trap and reaches a noisy part of the jungle where he looks East to the pond, finding new energy at the sight of a hunting spot. Which he discards, because it’s not useful to him right now.

Making it to the pond, Raz hunts for 3 cards without further ado. But having only 4 cards left in his deck he decides to skip the too risky bear, since he would probably die to bloody, and settles for a hare instead. Needless to say, he’s not happy at all about that since he’s saved a Bolas specifically for the bear for what, 2 sessions now? With a sigh he builds a fire and eats his 14 cards in silence, losing Freezing in the process.

He decides to rest in order to refresh the hunting spot in order to maximize the odds, and when he wakes he sees caterpillars crawling on him. He doesn’t care for that, he’s tough, he completely ignores them. And that earns him a Remember. So he hunts, for 2 cards since he’s lost most of his gear. And finds nothing.

Now he’s pretty nervous.

Here I could abuse card 888 and save/reload for a quick refill but since I’m doing session reports I don’t want to fall into that kind of stuff. So moving on!

Remembering a Camouflage outfit and crafting it, Raz heads South and sneaks by the bees to grab a jar of honey that he gulps down for 7 more cards. He then looks East, hoping to reach the camp, but when it rains, it pours, and while he utters a tremendous F word, his fire goes out but Raz makes it to a shelter this time. Reaching the camp, he uses Fortiflore to craft a fire and get rid of his nausea, examines the notes and finds part 4 of the History frieze which is actually a fresco (yay!), rests to get rid of tired, and…

… And huge butterflies start waving their silk wings around his face, swarming him and demanding him to repent 5 times. But he can only do so 3 times, so they curse him and make him mad! What, that’s it? What a letdown…

Oh my, are their razor-shap wings going to slaughter my face or what?

Since he’s totally lost it he spends 18 XP to purchase Spare yourself, Bviouac, Poisoned bait and Tough nut. Not because he wants them, but because he really needs a thick deck as there are only 250 cards to hunt now and he’s got no gear! Ugh!

Raz decides to go back to the pond and crafts a blowpipe before hunting for 2 cards thanks to Fragonia and Tracker.

But he finds nothing.

So he hunts for 2 more cards. He spots a Wild board but he gets greedy with the insects and the creature escapes him! Oh no!

So he hunts for 1 more card and gets poisoned by a snake.

So he hunts for 1 more card and spots a Mole Rat, he kills thanks to Valiant heart, losing 4 cards to tired. He goes back to the camp to eat the meat and 7 cards, rests to remove tired and spends 6 XP for an Improved camp and a Spear, then goes back to the pond.

So he hunts for 1 more card and banishes a Fresh spot. Oh no! Nightmare upon nightmare in a nightmarish pile of nightmares!

Now was not the time for a monstrous beast hunt, lest Raz should have died. His heart is full of sorrow and Akesha scowls heavily at him. Shame on the useless hunter.

So he hunts for 1 more card and gets poisoned by a snake.

He crafts a deadfall trap, and goes back to hunting.

So he hunts for 1 more card and gets poisoned by yet another snake.

At the point, Raz is on his knees and his deck is completely empty.

So he hunts for 2 more cards and scores a White hare! Mercy be on him! Ravenous but not out of his wits, he remembers a blowpipe, crafts it, then goes back to the camp to eat 14 sweet cards. He then goes back to hunting.

So he hunts for 2 more cards. And finally, there’s a porcupine! Of course, he loses 5 cards to Injured, he had to, but then he goes back to the camp and eats 21 sweet, sweet cards. Oh Illuvatar!

With a half-full stomach and no energy left in him, Raz collapses for several days while the goat momckingly bleats and swallows down a mouthfull of grass, a malicious spark glowing in its eyes.

Hunt results may vary. Nothing’s left in the jungle. I’ve killed them all. Even the children.*

*This might be a geeky reference.

Part XI – In which guns are shot.

Cet article est paru à l’origine sur le site Boardgamegeek.

The goat’s devilish bleats finally wake Raz up and he raises his head to look at the infernal mammal. Several days have passed since he last stood up and he’s cold, so he builds a fire using Fortiflore.

After heating up he takes a look to the East and finds a Shortcut he finally understands how to use thanks to a nice BGG poster! He dives in the jungle and thinks about second chance, then looks North to the bountiful pond and utters a loud effing word, as he sees two juvenile rockworms slaughtering a white hare that had come to quench its thirst. Tough luck! Not feeling up to the challenge but still hungry, he scouts South and comes up some ripe fruits, when East he finds monkeys ready to bully him in case he dares come their way. He first fails to tame then with no consequence, and then succeeds and nets an XP.

At peace with the jungle he gobbles down the fruits and adds some Fortiflore on top so as not to become nauseated, then decides to hunt anyway and reaches the pond. The rockworms don’t dare attack him but they’re sucritinizing as he uses his blowpipe and hides behind a Fragonia bush to draw 3 cards, spots a boar and takes it down. He becomes bloody as he skins the creature. And now he’s in quite a pickle… He takes his tribal stool out of his satchel and sits down comfortably to think and…

Let’s sit this one through.

… And suddenly he’s on a small islet in the middle of the ocean! Okay, so he’s mad but this is beyond madness!

Coming to he notices a grave near the shore and inspects it, then decides to dig it out. Because reasons. Since he’s mad there’s no ghost as they’re scared of the man, and he notices a note mentioning some kind of turtle and telling him to follow the creature. He also finds the last piece of the Continent’s fresco!

Why do I have the feeling it’s trying to tell me something?

Deciphering the hidden message, he finds a new clue to a place where an ophidian stone would be hidden, which he finds very snakey. He stores the clue in his journal and takes a peak East where he comes face-to-face with a turtle before the creature awkwardly waddles to the ocean. He follows the creature and that’s when he notices another impressive idol looming over the islet. But this one is in a very poor condition.

Feeling like crafting a club he goes back to the grave to use some wood in order to build his item, then goes back the idol and meditates. Although he should be used to it by now he’s still dismayed to hear a hissing voice in his head and no one in sight. The guardian’s voice tells him to open the Black chest he’s carrying, and so Raz decides to try. Arming his gun, he fires a bullet at the thing while hitting it with his club, and thanks to his Valiant heart, despite the fact that the box tries to curse him with three cards, manages to crack the thing open! Discarding the remains of the chest he takes a hideous shrunken head in hand and, stomach heaving, puts it in his satchel.

All guns blazing!

All this heaving made Raz’s stomach hungry. Inspecting the shore, he notices some half-buried turtle eggs and decides to eat them, gaining 5 cards. Grabbing a nearby leaf he then crafts a Warpaint, then inspects the coast. He wishes he could remember a Raft to leave the blasted place but unfortunately the discard pile holds no such thing. So he reaches the other coast to take a look but it’s even worse. Unable to make up his mind he goes back to East coast and suddenly, the idea of a raft gets in his mind, so he stays on the West coast instead. Now that’s handy! He crafts a Woven cord, then makes a fire, eats 24 cards with Eubellis on top, then uses the grave’s cross to craft a raft and sticks a Spear on it. He then remembers that Knowledge is power and scholars 3 of them cards to net 6 XP, then reaches the beach and rests, spending 15 XP as an offering to the guardians, which frightens him no end. And somehow, despite making a great sacrifice, he no longer feels like a Good samaritan. Makes sense to you? Good!

Putting his belongings on the raft, he starts waddling away from the shore and to the Continent, and barely makes it but makes it!

Weehee, I’m off and never will be back!

The snowy coast on which he lands makes for a good halt to end this 80 minutes session.

Part 12 – In which civilisations end!

It’s too cold on this snowy coast to rest. Hoping for some heat, Raz takes a look at the ocean and notices a fishing spot. It’s been a while since he last ate fish – actually, has he? – so he uses his spear to try and reel some fish in. He draws 4, gets 2 empty-handed, tosses back a platypus and catches a Golden fish. He then builds a fire, cooks the swimmer and eats himself 18 cards, before fishing some more, but he only gets 1 card despite the spear. Luckily, it’s a Blue fish, and Raz eats 12 more cards.

It’s time to go back to the jungle now. Carefully treading so he can avoid sea urchins, Raz examines his notes and finds an Untitled score. Reaching the jungle he scouts South and finds some Ripe fruits. He then makes it deeper in and crafts a Walking stick to help his way around. Looking West he scratches himself yet again but doesn’t get poisoned this time, which is a relief. Instead he makes it to the pond and crafts a Deadfall trap. It’s time to hunt!

Hiding himself in the Fragonia he uses the trap and draws 5 nice cards, finds a boar, and slaughters it. He then scouts South and suddenly feels like taking a break. Which the deadfall traps helps him to. Because it’s super comfy. And because he’ll fail if he doesn’t use it.

Rested, he reaches the heart of the jungle and upgrades his stick by also turning it into a bow, then scouts South where he actually reaches a dead end. Trying to figure out a way isn’t worth it so he scouts East instead, where insects that look life leaves try to swarm him. He’s not fooled though, they’re skulled this time, and dangerous!

I wonder if I could do a leaf insect fight between the skulled and non-skulled ones?

To the carnivorous plants, where the vegetation makes moving around costly, he crafts a rope, scouts South, where this time he turns around in circles. Although he only notices 10 differences he knows there are really 11 and he finds his way again, and reaches the temple where he inserts the sculpted flower and goes deeper underground, there’s too much pressure in this town.

In the temple, the first thing he sees is a freaking rockworm, so in and out and back in he goes and this time’s his arachnophobia makes him go a little bit overboard, but he manages to sneak by the spiders and reaches the shrooms. While he scouts East it would appear that he didn’t sneak well enough and a spider bites his arm. Luckily, the wound heals nicely while he reaches the capharnaüm of metallic cages where he found the stool. But looking North he steps on a pressure plate and an impressive piece of stone stands in his way, preventing him from going any farther!

Now Raz is in quite the pickle. Since he’s inventory’s full, he eats some raw meat (4 cards) to make some room for a Rudimentary flint, builds a fire and cooks the rest of his meat and eats 18 more card.

Not quite satiated, he still decides to go West past the shrooms and sneaks by many sleeping bats. The pattern of the room where he arrives then, the one with the porticullis, seems strangely familiar to him. Taking the mysterious clue from his stachel, his mad brain makes the connection and suddenly he’s in possession of the mysterious Ophidian Stone the fresco depicted! He’s in awe, and pairs it with the tribal stool.

Time’s of the essence though and it’s the right moment to move on. Remembering the totem in the labyrinth, Raz opens the porticullis with the rope he crafted earlier, then enters the dark halls where he intentionally takes the wrong direction, and runs into some sort of slimy… creature? The thing is quite resilient but can’t resist a good lead load and a Bolas to the fa… Wait, it’s got no face. Oh, no matter, it’s dead alright, and Raz can collect a new trophy! And some XP too.

Someone’s in a sticky situation…

His job done though, Raz goes back to the room he found the stone in and scouts North, only to find another stone. That one preventing him to go any farther. Apparently he stepped on another pressure plate. By the noise though, that removed the previous one, and he hurries back to the metallic cages to check. And the way there is open now!

Going any further’s a real balancing act, but thanks to a handy Forewarned and Balance, he makes it on the other side of a collapsed bridge without trouble and reaches a new part of the temple.

He scouts North and amidst wooden wheels that look derelict is a bleeping juvenile rockworm! So he takes a look West where he notices a seepage, where he cleanses his bloody self at last. After acknowledging the bleeping adult rockworm roaming North in an ominous crystal room, Raz decides to check West and try the corridor, but not before he soothes his nerves and gets rid of Frightened.

Walking in the dark though he trips on a rope and the whole corridor collapses! Luckily he makes it out before being crushed but this tires him aplenty and he loses 4 cards for his misfortune.

There’s no time to lose now, so he goes where the juvenile worm is hanging out and, before the beast finds courage enough to bother him, tries to get the gears going. Third time’s the charm and a warming sensation fills him as he notices scorching lava going through the room. He gains XP and fire, and decides it’s a good time and a good place to get rid of the shrunken head. Taking it out of his satchel he holds it over the magma but a voice tries to prevent him from dropping it. He puts all his will into it, drawing the 15 cards remaining in his deck, with Scholar and a Forewarned in hand, but he only gathers 11 or the 13 required successes! Oh Lord!

Putting his last efforts into it, Raz discards his tribal necklace to add 2 more cards to the total and… Gets no success! The voice is stronger than his own mind and he puts the head back in his stachel… And suddenly is back on the islet, with the collapsing idol looming over him!

He’s quite flabbergasted and completely disheartened now and he eats his ripe fruits without putting his mind into it, gaining 6 cards back.

Meditating under the idol again he takes the Ophidian stone from his satchel and time passes by rapidly, for he doesn’t know how long. Until a boat shows up, saves him, and carries him back to New York.

Trying to get back to a normal life despite having 7 curses still weighing on his shoulders and being completely mad, Raz powerlessly witnesses the destruction of civilisation while remaining the only living person around. He’s made it back, he’s alive, but he’s alone, mad, sevenfold cursed… How long before he’s drawn back to the 7th Continent?

The End.

– Advanced skills purchased: 22

– 050 cards in the satchel: 10

– Trophies: 3

– Curses lifted: 0/7 (1 chest broken, 1 sparkling gem found, 2 offering to the guardians, 2 sanctuary secret sheets found.)

– Side quests fulfilled: 3 + the history of the Continent.


Well, that was a very abrupt and disappointing ending to Raz’s story. But it was probably the best way it could end after the terrifying failure he just experienced.

Overall, writing Raz’s story really enhanced my gaming experience. There were times when he was doing the same thing over and over again, flipping the same cards over and over again, and it was hard coming up with things to say, but I really enjoyed writing those reports and I hope you enjoyed reading them too.

As for the game itself, I’d say it was on par with my previous experiences: involving, interesting, challenging, but it always fell short of achieving greatness. Most of the outcomes (Path of Repentance, History of the Continent substory) are really disappointing, and a bad draw can really mess you up big time (hunts, lifting a curse, not flipping Repentance cards…)

In retrospect, in regards to the shrunken head, I should have eaten the Ripe fruit before attempting to destroy it, but I figured drawing 15 cards should guarantee me the 11 successes I needed to pass, since I had 2 free stars in head. But I flipped into 3 half-stars I couldn’t complete and at least 4 curse cards 

Playing 7 curses at once and going blind for 3 of them was my best experience, as I had to manage a difficult action deck. But I couldn’t have made it that far without card 888. It’s a very nice way to fix the game in my opinion, it makes it more manageable without breaking it and it still is challenging as long as you don’t abuse the save system.

I still haven’t been able to lift the Voracious Goddess and I still don’t have a clue where the other Sparkling Gem is after all this time, which is quite amazing (and I’m not asking you to tell me  ).

The rockworms have really been the bane of my existence and I strongly dislike the expansion, which in my opinion doesn’t add anything worth it to the game. I didn’t see much of the weather expansion aside from the very annoying heavy rains.

The Path of Repentance though is a nice addition to such a playthrough, especially if you can banish a curse card early on. As with a regular playthrough, the first steps are really the main difficulty in the game. You don’t have a lot of tools at your disposal and you don’t have the strength the advanced skills add with their 7s and successes. As such, the first hours are more survival-oriented, stressfull, and not necessarily interesting to me. The game really becomes interesting after 3 or 4 hours.

There are still a lot of secrets I haven’t unveiled and that makes this game very, very replayable.

I was disappointed though with the second KS campaign and the lack of new add-ons. The stretch-goals are, for the most part, great (the not most part being traitors and VR), but I’m afraid the Flying Roots is as bad (yes, bad) as the Devourers, and the Pokemon expansion is more gimmicky than anything, like the Elements. We’ll have to see.

Prodigy + Immortal + cards 777 and 888 should make a 12 curse playthrough more manageable and enjoyable though.

As for my character, Water Knows The Way and Nerves Of Steel were not good addition. Scholar and Gourmet never left my hand if I could avoid it, and Mad Scientist had its uses but was not the best option. I should have settled for Prepare For The Worst instead.

I won’t deny that I made mistakes, and some while hunting – I’ll never get the hang of that! – but still, I had fun.

Overall though, the game remains a 6,5/10 for me. It’s good but it’s flawed. It still calls to me but it annoys me. I probably wouldn’t have gone that far if I didn’t tell you Raz’s story.

As is, I’m willing to give the 7 curses another shot, but I wouldn’t know how to make a new story covering the same ground interesting. If you’re interested to read it, though, let me know.

Fun fact: during part 12, the postman rung at my door to give me Kingdom Death: Monster! I suspect that game cursed me and is the reason why my playthrough ended. It is asking me to play it. That’s fine. I’ve sleeved the cards already, now I only have to assemble the minis and read the 265 pages of the rulebook 

I’m currently playing Pandemic  Legacy but I won’t write session reports. I might do for Arkham Horror: the Card Game though as we’ll enter a Dunwhich campaign. Or for Kingdom Death: Monster if I ever get into it (I might proxy minis with T7C’s standees and Dark Souls boss minis!)

If you’re interested in that, let me know.

Thanks for reading and cheering me during this epic playthrough!

Have fun gaming,


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