Gruff: the chase for Capri

Her name’s Capri. She’s a heretic and she has to be stopped.

Even a Troll can’t match the rage I feel when seeing that face! (Source)

Capricornia, mistress of the blood horde, has a morbid fascination for death. All the Skullclans have. But she’s taking it too far. Dissecting a Gruff to gain knowledge is not something  that can be tolerated.

I’m not happy. (Source)

I am Gristle, and I’ve lost one of my best friends, and Gruffs, to her. Today, I want revenge, and if an unnatural alliance has to be made to take this monster down, then it will be made.

I have memories of the old Bubbles, back when she was a Deepthing. (Source)

I’m chasing her in the betwixt and I’ve brought Ol’ Darby, Toof and Bubbles with me. Bubbles hasn’t been the same since Grover’s birth. Grinder hasn’t either. A slice of that madwoman’s scythe was all it took to bring this heroic creature down, and now Acrid is trying to save him. But I’m not a fool, I know he’s trying to convert him (#InflictTheFunk!) North is after a cure, fighting Trolls with Gaptooth this very moment. Schnark seems to have some sort of properties that can be used. I’m sure Acrid is planning something with him and North is gonna bring this monster to the doctor. Even Fluttermind, blessed be his egocentric blue self, is willing to help. If he is, something is definitely off, something bigger than I can seem to understand.

From what I’ve heard, Capri’s  gathered Skullheim, Skulldozer, and unexpectedly turned Lockjaw to her side. He’s never been too bright, though, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve already taken Skitters down on my way as she used him to scout and slow me down. Poor thing couldn’t do much against Darby’s angry charges, and Toof didn’t care much for his heavy attacks either. He’s been seriously beaten down but Bubbles said we couldn’t finish him off. Something like his playing a part in a grand design that’s gonna happen in the future. Something cryptic. Grover told her. I don’t know, this is beyond me. Me? I want revenge. I’ve been chasing after Capri for weeks.

North’s chase for Schnark will have ramifications beyond my comprehension (Source)

“She’s here”, Bubbles tells me. It’s true. She’s in sight now. The fight’s about to begin.

Setup suggestion for the fight :

Gristle, Ol’ Darby, Toof, Bubbles (Legendary Bubbles, turned to Grendels now that she has given birth to Grover)


Capri, Skullheim, Skulldozer, Lockjaw.

Requires GruffClash of the Battle Goats and a yet to be created variant for Bubbles.


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